Corporate Strategy Consulting Services

We work with the top management to identify organisational challenges and create and implement strategies.

How MCA Consulting’s Corporate Strategy Consulting Can Help

Most companies that lack a well-defined long-term strategy have mostly experienced what it means to be random, sporadic and at times even chaotic, like a ship tossed around in the ocean.

More than 60 per cent of Indian establishments operate without a long-term corporate strategy, resulting in failed opportunities, lack of innovation and incompetence to transform in accordance with changing circumstances.

At MCA Consulting, we have been working with a range of growth-oriented firms – from funded start-ups to regulated large corporates – guiding them develop

strategies that have stood the test of time.

An experienced and competent team consisting of senior chartered accountants, management graduates and industry experts in areas ranging from automotive, retail, IT and manufacturing to healthcare, education and defence will handhold you through every aspect of corporate strategy from formulation to implementation, including business planning for attracting investment and increasing valuation, finding the most efficient structure for your business and prioritising growth through mergers, acquisitions and divestitures.

Business Strategy Consulting Services: Our Core Offerings

Strategy Workshop

Whether you are starting a new line of business, building a go-to-market strategy for a new product, restructuring or expanding, our strategy workshops take a 360 degree view of the external and internal business environments and involve a deep dive into your organisation’s positioning in the market. Our unique workshops, involving senior management, are result-oriented and help clients derive a clear strategy statement that can be used as a reference point to cruise towards the goals of the organisation.

Strategic Planning Consulting Services: Understanding Strategic Business Drivers
Internal & External Business Environment Scanning
Competitive Positioning

Business Structuring and M&A

Our expertise in due diligence, fit evaluation, valuations, risk management and negotiations has played an impactful role in our clients’ abilities to decide on either to Make or Buy. Be it a merger, acquisition, takeover or unlocking value post merger, we have the proven ability to guide our clientele to achieve true value. Our dedicated M&A team, equipped with the experience of having handled more than 25 high-profile deals, can guide you with all your M&A and business structuring requirements.

M&A: Due Diligence | Fit Evaluation | Risk Management | Negotiation Strategy
Strategic Business Structuring: Global Strategic Consulting | Geographic Leverage | Optimal Capital | Debt Structure | Ownership & Internal Organisation Structure
Succession & Business Continuity Planning: Succession Planning | Business Continuity Planning

Strategy Execution

Time bound, effective implementation is critical for the success of any corporate strategy. We explore and analyse various risks and challenges, be it adopting latest technology advancements, coordination between different business units and departments, including top leadership, legal compliance and financial implications, to help our clients implement the strategy with a clear plan of action. We specially emphases on people, strategy, operations and regulations.

Business Plan
Organisational Design

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