At MCA Consulting, we help leaders with strategy development and execution, empower them to make better financial and governance decisions, and help them manoeuvre tax complexities across multiple jurisdictions.



With years of specialisation in tax strategy, regulatory compliance and tax dispute management, we adopt a 360 degree approach to help clients cut through the complexities of tax structures in India and across various jurisdictions.

Corporate Strategy


We help businesses with sustainable, long-term strategies backed by in-depth insights, leading them towards innovation to achieve their true potential. We work closely with top management to solve strategic issues to achieve extraordinary results.

Corporate Finance


With an expert team comprising experienced chartered accountants, former CFOs, management and tax experts under one roof, we understand both corporate and regulatory aspects of finance and help clients source and manage finances effectively.

Corporate Governance


Good corporate governance is considered the cornerstone of any business. We believe in a value system that prioritises commitment, honesty and integrity. We help instill transparency in dealings and adhere to best practices, processes and policies to maintain strong regulatory compliance.

Why Choose Us

Strong Leadership

We are guided by a very strong leadership headed by none other than our founder T.N. Manoharan who has been instrumental in establishing strong governance standards across various institutions.

Diverse Experience

More than eleven years of experience handling clientele across automotive, retail, IT, manufacturing healthcare, education & defence sectors, 25-plus high-profile M&As, and representation for over 1000 cases under the Indian tax laws.

Invaluable Expertise

An experienced team of former CFOs, senior chartered accountants, management graduates with corporate experience, tech wizards, industry experts and statisticians guiding businesses towards growth.