Corporate Governance Services

We help clients adhere to best practices, processes and policies to ensure compliance and deal with governance issues effectively.

Help How MCA Consulting’s Corporate Governance Services Can Help

We believe that there is no growth without governance.

At MCA Consulting we have a legacy of instilling a strong governance framework into our clients’ businesses. Our Founder Chairman T.N. Manoharan has made governance the cornerstone of his professional outreach.

We help in setting up good governance frameworks, internal controls setup, operational efficiency audits and timely

risk assessment studies, thereby helping clients lower the risk of non-compliance with statutory and regulatory obligations.

We assist and guide businesses in setting up a board comprising competent directors, along with pursuit of industry best practices in internal systems, controls and procedures to help them maintain a strong governance framework, creating significant momentum for growth.

Corporate Governance Services: Our Core Offerings

Governance Framework

Governance is a work in progress. At MCA Consulting, we work closely with our clients in installing reliable methods of operationalizing corporate governance consulting, by helping setting up the board and its functioning along with establishing internal controls. We lay strict emphasis on integrating controls with regulations along with leadership and the ‘people’ aspect of governance. We take a holistic and long-term view of various aspects of governance, especially taking into consideration the organisation’s growth parameters. We help clients, mainly the management and the board, with issues related to change management, to conduct operational efficiency audits and risk assessment studies, and all aspects related to fulfilling their governance roles.

Setting Up Governance Framework
Internal Controls Setup
Operational Efficiency Audits
Risk Assessment Study

Enterprise Risk Assessment and Mitigation

We work with clients to build their corporate reputation by establishing strong governance models and regulatory compliance. We help prevent surprising defaults and avoid punitive provisions of the law by conducting frequent financial forensic investigation and establishing review mechanisms to eliminate weak systems and procedures.

Organisational Control Set Up: Internal Financial Controls | Inventory Management | Asset Controls | Systems & Process Audit & Setup
Financial Forensic Investigation: Forensic Audit | Forensic Investigation
Regulatory Compliance: Multi-Jurisdiction Compliance Audits | Compliance Design & Setup | Regulatory Advisory And Opinion

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