Corporate Finance Services

We encourage financial prudence through expert analysis, meticulous planning, deeper understanding of risks and continuous monitoring and reporting.

How MCA Consulting’s Corporate Finance Services Help

Success for any business is dependent on its ability to achieve financial excellence, and is made possible when financial decision making is aligned with the corporate strategy and long-term business goals.

We have numerous examples of companies, especially funded start-ups, which have run into difficulties and many that have failed, due to improper assessment of funding requirements, incorrect revenue projections, wrong pricing strategy and most often lack of effective utilisation of funds.

Most CFOs, preoccupied with everyday tasks and assignments, are unable to dedicate quality time to long-term strategic planning.
We at MCA Consulting have always led our clients towards growth through effective financial decision making.

With an expert team comprising former CFOs, experienced chartered accountants, management and tax experts under one roof, we understand both corporate finance consulting and regulatory aspects of finance and help clients manage, source and deploy money effectively.

Our Services

Corporate Finance Services

Corporate Finance Services: Our Core Offerings

Capital Budgeting Services

Be it assessment of cost vs risks, performing the role of a fund liaison, conducting feasibility analysis or preparing detailed project reports, our experienced team with expertise in both finance and regulatory aspects, helps our clients make informed financial decisions prior to massive capital outlays.

Project Feasibility Study
Detailed Project Report
Funding Liaison

Capital Structuring Services

At MCA Consulting we delve deep into analysing the financial position of our clients, understand their need for capital, explore the best available options and suggest most appropriate solutions that propel the company towards its long-term growth strategy, thereby also prioritising the ownership pattern, cost of capital, fixed interest cost commitments and debt/equity leverage among other aspects.

Financial Position Analysis
Capital Raising Strategies

Financial Management Services

It is the most fundamental aspect determining the success of any business. MCA Consulting works closely with all its clientele to enhance their working capital management, improve financial efficiency, and enhance cost optimisation and profitability.

Our team consisting of experts from management, finance and regulatory backgrounds play a hands-on role in all aspects of financial management, be it planning, operations process improvement, cost analysis and reduction, contract negotiations, optimising financing costs, tax efficient structures or improvement in profitability.

Working Capital Management
Financial Efficiency Improvements
Cost Optimisation
Profitability Enhancement Study

Virtual CFO Services in Bangalore, India

Our Virtual CFO Services in Bangalore has gained immense traction among clientele, both national and international, due to its significant value addition. MCA Consulting brings on board its complete organisational expertise, especially in finance and regulatory aspects, making our VCFO service a perfect fit for most companies, especially funded start-ups and SMEs that are looking for expert CFO services to cater to all their finance, compliance and reporting needs.

CFO Services
Profitability Enhancement Study

Global Business Services

Finance and business outsourcing continue to gain momentum as more and more global corporations are looking at accessing expertise in finance process improvement and reengineering their businesses. At MCA Consulting, we have been guiding our clients in evaluating the cost benefits of optimisation of finance operations, suggesting suitable solutions and guiding and assisting in setting up offshore back offices.

GBS Strategy
GBS Execution

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